IPTV Streaming Media & Kodi Media Players!

IPTV Streaming Media & Kodi Media Players!

Android XBMC & Kodi Programming Services for G Box Q, Tablets & Desktop PCsGet unlimited HD or 3D streaming movies to your TV – Watch Unlimited Free TV – Unlimited HD Movies – New Releases & Classic MoviesUnlimited TV Movies & Mini-Series Live Sports and International Events – Access to Live US & International TV Networks Access MUSIC, GAMES & Apps – View YouTube VIDEOS

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IPTV Streaming Media & Kodi Media Players!

Unlimited Movies, Games, Music, Videos and more….

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Get unlimited FREE SD, HD or 3D Movies and more on your TV!
Watch Unlimited Free TV – Unlimited HD Movies – New Releases & Classics Movies – Unlimited TV Shows & TV Mini-Series – Live Sports and International Events – Access to Live US & International TV Networks – Access MUSIC, GAMES & Apps – View YouTube VIDEOS.

Your Own A/V Media Entertainment Center – IPTV Cable BoxWatch Un-Limited FREE Movies, TV Series, Games, App and more.

Cut those high cable bills, satellite bills or even monthly Netflix bills for TV and get access to unlimited premium streaming media! Unlimited access to over 100,000 on demand movies, TV Shows, US Networks, Channels, New Release Movies, Live Sports, UFC, Adult channels, International channels,  You Tube, Facebook and much more with…

 NO MONTHLY FEES, NO SERVICE FEES, NOTHING TO PAY!The IP Cable Box is the complete replacement for all your TV MOVIE needs, better than satellite cable and Netflix combined.  No downloading just Plug and Play to your TV set.

The IP Cable Box Entertainment Center brings high performance high-definition streaming internet media to your TV with powerful processors and 3D graphics engines, providing stellar performance for the Android platform and high definition video playback.

Our IP Cable Boxes run smoothly with 1080p, 4k up-scaling with hyper-streaming technology and hardware decoding from local media or your favorite XBMC streaming add-ons.  Running on the latest Android and with Google Play Store installed with capability to add your favorite apps, browse the net, watch videos, connect to your social networks and more![dropshadowbox align=”” effect=”lifted-both” width=”450px” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]All our Media Center Appliances provided with:[/dropshadowbox]